gray-quotation-marks-hi They meet all of my needs. I like all the different activities they have going on for us. I have meet a lot of really good friends, and it’s nice to be with people that care about us. And I also like the ice cream parlor, where can you get ice cream 3 times a week!! It’s a great place to be!! gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Mr. Carl, A Resident since June 2014


gray-quotation-marks-hi It’s a special place for people who need it and it’s a wonderful place to be. gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Ms. Flo, A Resident since April 2013


gray-quotation-marks-hi I love it because I don’t have cook or clean, I don’t have to be by myself. The food is good I’ve even gained weight!! And the housekeepers do a great job cleaning my apartment. I have a lot of friends, especially the ones that I have known even before I moved here!! And the staff is so nice to me, you can tell they really care about us!! It’s a wonderful place to live and I’m so glad that my kids found this place for me!! gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Ms. Jewel, A Resident since February 2015


gray-quotation-marks-hi I love all the friendly people. And I’m so happy to call this place my home. gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Ms. Joan, A Resident since April 2014


gray-quotation-marks-hi The friendship we have is very important, and my apartment is so beautiful!! gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Ms. Liz, A Resident since June 2014


gray-quotation-marks-hi You’re able to do as you want. I love the peace and quite. I’m so glad to be here!! gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Ms. Mary, A Resident since July 2014


gray-quotation-marks-hi I like we have the closeness that we do, its nice to also have my twin sister here too, makes it that more special. Everyone is so friendly, they have lots of entertainment for us, and I love all the activities that we are able to have. I’m happy to be here!! gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Ms. Una, A Resident since January 2014


gray-quotation-marks-hi I enjoy being around my friends, I enjoy the bible studies we have and I love the food. And it’s a great place and I praise the lord everyday!! gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Ms. Eunice, A Resident since March 2014


gray-quotation-marks-hi I love the friends that I have made, I enjoy the fellowship we have, I enjoy all the games we have and there is always something to do here!! It’s the best place to be!! gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Ms. Cleta, A Resident since February 2012


gray-quotation-marks-hi We have been here for over 3 years and we love it. We are so happy to be here. We like all the people, and there is always something to do, Great place to be. gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Mr. Phil & Mrs. Jean, Residents since January 2012


gray-quotation-marks-hi I never thought I would end up in a place like this, but I’m really happy I did, you get great meals, great service and the people are all so friendly. My sister is also here too and I just live down the hall from her, so that’s really nice, they take me where I need to go, they have great things for us to, I just love being here!! gray-quotation-marks-hi copyup

– Ms. Joyce, A Resident since March 2015




4701 North Prince Street
Clovis, NM 88101

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